Who we are is ingrained in how we work

We champion authors throughout their entire, varied careers

We represent nonfiction and fiction across the entire age and audience spectrum: adult, children’s, teen, and books that cross audiences. We also represent and are personally drawn to a variety of formats – straight text, text with visuals, graphic fiction and nonfiction. Whichever direction our authors move in, we are able to effectively represent their work and support them in the ways they require.

Our relationship with our authors transcends any one book. It is about the way they write, the way their mind works, their particular passions and perspectives. We enter into partnerships with our authors from this place of deep connection and with the conviction that we can expertly champion their work over the course of their career.

Partnership is the operative word here. We enjoy speaking with prospective clients about how we collaborate with our authors, and are very happy to put prospective clients in touch with our current clients for their perspective. We are career managers in the truest sense. Longtime collaboration is our specialty. In our experience, there is no substitute for — or shortcut to — the wisdom and experience amassed through the agency’s two decades in publishing and its having managed a great many successful careers that span an author’s debut book through their next 20 books.

This is the base of knowledge from which we agent, and we believe these deep roots in the business; comprehension of its many aspects and nuances; and understanding of its cyclical and evolving nature, give our authors a great advantage. At JGLM we do not rest on our laurels; we know that great agenting is also about drive, passion and curiosity. We have created a workplace culture and business that encourages and thrives on this energy. Each of us is personally driven to help our authors and illustrators to dream big, and to achieve those dreams.

We are always excited about entering into new collaborations with authors

We are committed to developing strong, lasting relationships and have represented many of our authors from the beginning of their careers.

We are deeply invested in making every book count.

We aren’t ruled by trends, though we do remain current.

We understand the importance of the author-publisher relationship and put significant focus on making the right match.

We support and fiercely advocate for our authors at every stage – from book development, to submission, to sale, to contract, to publicity and marketing, to jacket design, to publication, and post-publication.

We are aggressive dealmakers and contract negotiators, lauded for our diplomacy.

We provide meticulous bookkeeping and accounting; we know this level of care and attention is crucial to our clients’ financial well-being.

We have many years of publicity and marketing experience between us and we give strategic thought to the positioning of every book we represent.

We pride ourselves on our keen editorial eye and our hands-on work with our authors to help them ready their proposal or manuscript for submission. We serve as a sounding board throughout the writing and revisions process.

We are a tight-knit agency with fluidity between departments. We are in ongoing dialogue about every book and author we represent. Our authors benefit from the dedicated representation of their individual agent, backed by the combined strengths of the team.

We approach our roles with passion and professionalism and integrity. We take on new clients and new projects from a place of genuine excitement and admiration, and conduct our business with well-honed strategy and expertise.

We like to say that agenting is not a science, but rather an alchemy of skill sets – negotiation, diplomacy, legal know-how, publicity and marketing and branding, editing, counseling, career management. We bring all of these skills to bear in providing our clients with effective and meaningful representation.

We are dedicated to shaping a list as diverse as the world we live in

We put great value on humanitarianism and work that displays a nuanced understanding of our complex world; that is thought-provoking, enlightening and moving.

We read with the hope of experiencing a sense of deep connection.

We value work that is serious in its intent without taking itself too seriously.

We like humor in all its forms, whether it is dark, wry, or laugh out loud comedic. We love to be entertained.

We look to partner with outstanding writers who have something unique, compelling, and genuine to bring to readers.

Our Team