We are a globally-minded agency with an in-house foreign rights director. We work closely with our network of subagents to sell into over 40 territories internationally.

Approximately a third of our authors are based in the UK and Australia and we have close ties to those markets. We sell directly in the UK and Australia as well as through our UK and Australian agent partners.

We market our books at the three leading international book fairs—London, Frankfurt, and Bologna. Our pitching and selling happens throughout the year. Per our agency business model, we take a hands-on approach, including organizing global publisher summits and international book tours for our authors.


  • Here Lies a Vengeful Bitch
    by Codie Crowley
    Polish rights to Muza
  • Sorry, Bro
    by Taleen Voskuni
    Brazilian Portuguese rights to Astra Cultural; UK rights to Pan Macmillan
  • Sir Hereward and Mister Fitz
    by Garth Nix
    Complex Chinese rights to Fantasy Foundation
  • She Is A Haunting
    by Trang Thanh Tran
    Brazilian Portuguese rights to Astral Cultural; Czech rights to Euromedia; Romanian rights to Popvici Media
  • Gilded, Cursed
    by Marissa Meyer
    Ukrainian rights to Ranok; Russian rights to AST
  • Young Queens
    by Leah Redmond Chang
    Hungarian rights to Nouvion; Simplified Chinese rights to United Sky New Media
  • Plus One
    by Kelsey Rodkey
    Polish rights to Swiat Ksiazki
  • No One Leaves the Castle
    by Christopher Healy
    Italian rights to DeAgostini
  • Ruby Finley vs. the Interstellar Invasion
    by K. Tempest Bradford
    Chinese rights to Beijing New Oriental Dogwood Cultural
  • Sinner’s Isle
    by Angela Montoya
    Spanish rights to Vergara & Riba; Italian rights to HarperItalia
  • Vera Wong’s Unsolicited Advice for Murderers
    by Jesse Q Sutanto
    Brazilian Portuguese rights to Intrinseca; Estonian rights to Heu Lugu
  • The Lion of Mars
    by Jennifer L. Holm
    Chinese rights to Booky; Vietnamese rights to Khai Minh; Hebrew rights to Hakibbutz Hameuchad-Sifriat Poalim; Italian rights to Rizzoli; Japanese rights to Holp; Korean rights to Dasan; Romanian rights to Paralela; Turkish rights to Pegasus
  • Barefoot Dreams of Petra Luna, The Other Side of the River
    by Alda P. Dobbs
    US Spanish rights to  Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial
  • Leviathan, Behemoth, Goliath
    by Scott Westerfeld
    Arabic rights to Yatakhayaloon
  • The Prince and the Apocalypse
    by Kara McDowell
    Greek rights to Psichogios
  • Lightlark
    by Alex Aster
    Brazilian Portuguese rights to Rocco; Portuguese rights to Presenca; Spanish rights to Penguin Random House Spain; Bulgarian rights to Ciela Norma; Romanian rights to Bookzone; Czech rights to Euromedia; French rights to Lumen; German rights to DTV; Hungarian rights to Maxim; Italian rights to Sperling & Kupfer; Polish rights to Jaguar; Greek rights to Psichogios
  • Never Fall Down
    by Patricia McCormick
    Spanish rights to Ficta
  • The Benevolent Society of Ill-Mannered Ladies
    by Alison Goodman
    Spanish rights to Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial; French rights to Albin Michel; Russian rights to Ripol
  • The Book of Gothel
    by Mary McMyne
    Spanish rights to Urano
  • The Make-Up Test
    by Jenny L. Howe
    German rights to Aufbau
  • Dial A for Aunties
    by Jesse Q Sutanto
    Brazilian Portuguese rights to Intrinseca; Russian rights to AST; UK rights to HQ; German rights to Aufbau Verlag; Lithuanian rights to Briedis; French rights to Hachette Livre; Portuguese rights to Clobe do Autor; Romanian rights to Corint
  • Well, That Was Unexpected
    by Jesse Q Sutanto
    Brazilian rights to Intrinseca; Czech rights to Jota
  • Instant Karma
    by Marissa Meyer
    Polish rights to Publicat; Hungarian rights to Konyvmolykepzo; Czech rights to Albatros; French rights to Pocket Jeunesse; Spanish (Mexico) rights to V&R; Russian rights to AST; Spanish rights to Hidra; Vietnamese rights to Hoa Hoc Tro
  • How to Talk to Anyone
    by Leil Lowndes
    Hindi rights to Saket; Malaysian rights to PTS; Macedonian rights to Tri
  • Lucie Yi is Not a Romantic
    by Lauren Ho
    Polish rights to Kobiece
  • American Nations, American Character
    by Colin Woodard
    Complex Chinese rights to Gusa
  • The Erasure Initiative
    by Lili Wilkinson
    French rights to Laffont
  • Lakesedge, Forestfall
    by Lyndall Clipstone
    French rights to Hugo; Russian rights to Eksmo; UK rights to Titan Books; ANZ rights to Pan Macmillan
  • Ink & Sigil, Paper & Blood
    by Kevin Hearne
    Complex Chinese (Taiwan) rights to Gaea; Czech rights to Euromedia
  • Angel Mage, The Left-Handed Booksellers of London
    by Garth Nix
    French rights to Editions Leha; German rights to Blanvalet; Hungarian rights to Maxim; Romanian rights to Litera; Russian rights to Azbooka-Atticus; Hebrew rights to Utz; UK rights to Gollancz
  • The Boy, the Wolf, and the Stars
    by Shivaun Plozza
    Russian rights to Rosman
  • Hood Feminism
    by Mikki Kendall
    Spanish rights to Capitan Swing Libros; Brazilian Portuguese rights to Rua do Sabao; Hungarian rights to Pioneer Books; Korean rights to Booksea; Japanese rights to DU Books; UK rights to Bloomsbury UK
  • Squish (8-book series)
    by Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm
    Dutch rights to Overamstel
  • Da Vinci’s Cat
    by Catherine Gilbert Murdock
    Russian rights to Kariera
  • The Republic of Pirates
    by Colin Woodard
    Japanese rights to Pan Rolling
  • Tomorrow When the War Began (7-book series)
    by John Marsden
    Icelandic rights to Bergmal
  • Night Spinner, Dawn Weaver
    by Addie Thorley
    Spanish rights to Onyx; Portuguese rights to 2020 Editora
  • Cinder
    by Marissa Meyer
    Ukrainian rights to Ranok
  • Her Perilous Mansion
    by Sean Williams
    Russian rights to Eksmo
  • Maybe He Just Likes You
    by Barbara Dee
    Brazilian Portuguese rights to Globo; Turkish rights to Dogan
  • The Hacker’s Key
    by Jon Skovron
    German rights to Harper Germany; French rights to Bayard
  • One Way or Another
    by Kara McDowell
    Czech rights to Euromedia; Dutch rights to Moon; Italian rights to Piemme; French rights to Milan; German rights to Loewe; Romanian rights to Trei; Ukrainian rights to Ranok
  • Goodbye to Shy
    by Leil Lowndes
    Simplified Chinese rights to Beijing Zito
  • The Gilded Hour, Where the Light Enters
    by Sara Donati
    Spanish rights to Roca Editorial
  • Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, Winter, Fairest
    by Marissa Meyer
    Sinhala rights to Ashirwadha
  • Archenemies
    by Marissa Meyer
    Persian/Farsi rights to Houpaa
  • The Extremeley Inconvenient Adventures of Bronte Mettlestone
    by Jaclyn Moriarty
    Russian rights to Polyandria; Polish rights to Zielona Sowa
  • Supernova
    by Marissa Meyer
    Brazilian Portuguese rights to Rocco; Czech rights to Albatros; French rights to Pocket Jeunesse; Turkish rights to Dogan
  • The Evil Princess vs. The Brave Knight
    by Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm
    Italian rights to Picarona; Spanish and Catalan rights to Obelisco
  • Rosebud
    by Ludwig Bemelmans
    Japanese rights to Dainippon Tosho
  • Maybe He Just Likes You
    by Barbara Dee
    Hebrew rights to Simson
  • How to Talk to Anyone at Work
    by Leil Lowndes
    Arabic rights to Jarir Bookstore; Vietnamese rights to Alphabooks; Simplified Chinese rights to Beijing Green Beans; Russian rights to Dobraya Kniga; Bulgarian rights to Hermes
  • The Fourteenth Goldfish
    by Jennifer L. Holm
    Catalan rights to Viena
  • Passing Strange
    by Ellen Klages
    Spanish rights to Amor de Madre; French rights to ActuSF
  • Adrift
    by Tami Oldham Ashcraft
    Korean rights to Billybutton
  • The Whispering Wars
    by Jaclyn Moriarty
    Czech rights to Mlada Fronta
  • The Book of Boy
    by Catherine Gilbert Murdock
    Hungarian rights to Mano; Vietnamese rights to Kim Dong; Dutch rights to Querido; Simplified Chinese rights to CITIC; Complex Chinese rights to Linking; Korean rights to Dasan; Romanian rights to Art Grup Editorial; Italian rights to Giunti; Russian rights to Kariera
  • Cockpit Confidential
    by Patrick Smith
    Simplified Chinese rights to Ginkgo
  • School-Tripped
    by Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm
    Dutch rights to De Fontein
  • The Candle and the Flame
    by Nafiza Azad
    Spanish rights to Urano
  • Besieged
    by Kevin Hearne
    Complex Chinese rights to Gaea
  • The Undoing of Thistle Tate
    by Katelyn Detweiler
    Russian rights to Clever Media Group
  • Gravity is the Thing
    by Jaclyn Moriarty
    Hungarian rights to Konyvkiado
  • Fairest
    by Marissa Meyer
    Indonesian rights to Penebit Haru

Bulgaria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Romania, Serbia, Macedeonia & Albania

Anna Droumeva, Mira Droumeva, Kamelia Emilova / Andrew Nurnberg Associates Sofia, Ltd.

Czech Republic & Slovakia

Kristin Olson, Tereza Dubova / Kristin Olson Literary Agency s.r.o


Michele Kanonidis, Vanessa Kling / La Nouvelle Agence


Annelie Geissler / Mohrbooks AG Literary Agency


Nike Davarinou / Read-N-Right Agency


Norbert Uszeka / Lex Copyright Office

Indonesia, Thailand & Vietnam

Itzel Hsu / The Grayhawk Agency


Beverly Levit, Tami Harel / The Israeli Association of Book Publishers Ltd.


Chiara Piovan / The Italian Literary Agency


Maiko Fujinaga / Japan Uni Agency

Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan

Tatjana Zoldnere / Eastern European and Asian Rights Agency, Ltd.

Middle East & North Africa (Arabic Language)

Bassem El Kheshen, Dina Heikal / Bears Factor

The Netherlands & Scandinavia

Monique Oosterhof / Mo Literary Services


Filip Wojciechowski / Graal Sp. z.o.o


Elizabeth Van Lear, Julia Demchenko / The Van Lear Agency

Spain, Portugal, Brazil

Sandra Bruna, Jordi Ribolleda / Sandra Bruna Agencia Literaria, SL

South Korea

Jae-Yeon Ryu / KCC International

Taiwan & China

Gray Tan / The Grayhawk Agency


Asli Karasuil / Asli Karasuil Literary Agency


In an ever-evolving and growing entertainment economy reliant on underlying intellectual property, we are dedicated to exploring every opportunity for our clients. We do deals for studio and independent feature films, television movies, television series, documentaries, stage plays, streaming, documentary, virtual reality films, and other emerging media.

We partner with the leading entertainment industry agencies in Los Angeles and New York to sell film, television, stage, and multimedia rights. We collaborate with the individual film/TV agent that will be the right fit for and play to the strengths of each book.

During the deal and contract negotiation process, we stay intimately involved to protect and support our authors’ best interests and long-term career goals. We also help our authors in pursuing associated screenwriting opportunities as well as producer credits.

Our clients’ work has sold to major studios, networks, and SVOD/streaming services including Amazon, Netflix, Apple, HBO Max, Sundance, BBC, NBC, CBS All Access, MTV, F/X, Paramount, DreamWorks, Fox, Universal, and Warner.


  • Lightlark
    by Alex Aster
    Film rights to Universal / Temple Hill
  • The Lunar Chronicles
    by Marissa Meyer
    Film rights to Locksmith Animation
  • Once There Was
    by Kiyash Monsef
    Film rights to Imagine Entertainment
  • Instant Karma
    by Marissa Meyer
    TV rights to HBO Max
  • Uglies, Impostors 
    by Scott Westerfeld
    Film rights to Netflix
  • Dial A for Aunties
    by Jesse Q Sutanto
    Film rights to Netflix
  • The Keys to the Kingdom
    by Garth Nix
    Film/TV rights to Herschend Entertainment Studios
  • Frogkisser!
    by Garth Nix
    Film rights to Fox/Blue Sky Animation
  • Squish
    by Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm
    TV rights to Cottonwood Media
  • The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom
    by Christopher Healy
    Film rights to Fox/Blue Sky Animation
  • My Sister Rosa
    by Justine Larbalestier
  • The Witches of Benevento
    by John Bemelmans Marciano (co-created with Sophie Blackall)
  • Leviathan
    by Scott Westerfeld
  • Impossible Music
    by Sean Williams
  • After the Lights Go Out
    by Lili Wilkinson
  • The Iron Druid Chronicles
    by Kevin Hearne
  • American Nations
    by Colin Woodard


The audio market is the fastest growing sector in book publishing and we are actively pursuing these opportunities for our authors.

Our long-standing relationships with audio publishers enable us to negotiate strong deal terms and stay closely involved throughout the audio production process to ensure our authors’ satisfaction with these adaptations of their work.

Fresh developments in spoken-word technology allow us to partner with top audio publishers and media companies on an array of unique projects that present our authors’ books and other original content to consumers through innovative new formats and platforms.

We recognize that this broadening market expands author branding and sales opportunities and we are putting focus on helping our authors take advantage of this cross-promotional potential.


We handle first serial publication, article/essay publication, short fiction publication, and licensing and branding opportunities.

We negotiate lecture arrangements, on-camera appearances, consultant fees, and merchandising deals for our clients.

We are cognizant of the time, energy and personal investment our authors put into every book they write and we endeavor to maximize that investment for them.