Henry Gee

Henry Gee is a longtime editor at the science journal Nature and author of several works of nonfiction and fiction. His latest book, A (Very) Short History of Life on Earth: 4.6 Billion Years in 12 Pithy Chapters, will be published by Picador in the UK in September 2021 and by St. Martin’s in the US in November 2021, and has sold in over a dozen foreign territories. His previous books include In Search of Deep Time: Beyond the Fossil Record to a New History of Life, Jacob’s Ladder: The History of the Human Genome, The Accidental Species: Misunderstandings of Human Evolution, Across the Bridge: Understanding Vertebrate Origins, and The Science of Middle Earth; his fiction includes The Sigil trilogy, By the Sea, and Hunting Unicorns. His book A Field Guide to Dinosaurs was illustrated by Luis V. Rey. He lives in Cromer, Norfolk, England, with his family.


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