Henry Gee

Henry Gee is a longtime editor at the science journal Nature and author of several works of nonfiction and fiction. His book A (Very) Short History of Life on Earth: 4.6 Billion Years in 12 Pithy Chapters, was published in Fall 2021 by Picador in the UK and by St. Martin’s in the US, has sold in over a two dozen foreign territories, and won the Royal Society Science Book Prize; Picador and St. Martin’s will publish his next book, The Decline and Fall of the Human Empire, in 2025. His previous books include In Search of Deep Time: Beyond the Fossil Record to a New History of Life, Jacob’s Ladder: The History of the Human Genome, The Accidental Species: Misunderstandings of Human Evolution, Across the Bridge: Understanding Vertebrate Origins, and The Science of Middle Earth; his fiction includes The Sigil trilogy, By the Sea, and Hunting Unicorns. His book A Field Guide to Dinosaurs was illustrated by Luis V. Rey. He lives in Cromer, Norfolk, England, with his family.


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