Kelley Skovron

Kelley Skovron is the author of several books for adults and young readers. Their novels for adults include the Empire of Storms trilogy (Hope and Red, Bane and Shadow, Blood and Tempest) which has been published in nine foreign territories, and the Goddess War trilogy (The Ranger of Marzanna, The Queen of Izmoroz, The Wizard of Eventide). Their debut middle grade novel, The Hacker’s Key was published by Scholastic, and their young adult novels include Man Made Boy and This Broken Wondrous World. Kelley’s short fiction for young readers has appeared in anthologies such as Grim and Summer Days and Summer Nights, and their work has been published in ChiZine and Baen’s Universe, among others. As J.S. Kelley, they are also the author of Gutter Mage. They live just outside Washington, D.C. with their two sons.


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